The following is information for ordering CSHA mailing labels and/or a Contact list:



  • The purpose of your mailing or contact request http://www.caspeechhearing.org/membership/labelcontact.htm

  • A copy of all promotional materials and/or a copy of recruitment information/materials

  • The name of the person ordering the request

  • A contact person with a daytime phone number and/or email address

  • *The shipping and/or the billing address

  • **The date the request is  needed

  • The credit card number, expiration, and cardholder’s name

  • For Cheshire labels we will need contact information for the mailing house

  • At least one week to process the order

  • Purchase order or requisition number, if your organization requires this method of payment



The contact list is a printed list of our members.  This list excludes all members who wish not to be printed in any directories exness thailand.


The labels are printed directly on peel-off labels.  They will include all members for continuing education opportunities and recruitment purposes, provided the submitted promotional materials are approved to process.  All sales promotional requests will exclude the members who wish not to be printed.  Some materials may only be approved for orders with the above stated exclusion.


The only electronic transfer of labels available is in Cheshire format. These labels are sent directly to the printing house via email.  We cannot send any copies of the files to our consumers. According to CSHA policy, all promotional materials sent using our member information must first be approved. Selling this information electronically would permit consumers to use at their leisure without approval.  As with the peel-off labels exness th, some materials may only be approved for orders with the above stated exclusion.


Thank you for understanding CSHA’s security measures.


You may customize your order with different categories.  The list of categories are on the order form.


The contact list and/or labels are available for continuing education opportunities, recruitment, merchandise sales, and/or referral services.  The information included in the list includes *mailing address, work phone, fax number, and/or email address exness.

*Remember, some information may be unavailable to protect the privacy of our members who have opted to be unlisted.


The Most Common Order We Receive

Professional SLP’s in all of California for conference brochures. This order is approximately 3,500 - 4,000 records.


Cost and Payment

Labels and contacts are $0.17 per record.  The order can range from 1 record to 5,000 records, depending upon the criteria.  We do have a minimum order.  Our minimum label order is 150 labels.  Anything below the minimum is a $25 flat rate per each request.


You may pay by check, money order, credit card, purchase order, or requisition.

You will be invoiced automatically if you are not paying by credit card and we receive your authorization to process by fax.  We accept master card and visa.


If you have any questions, please let me know.

You can email me at stacey@csha.org or call the office at (916)921-1568.

Stacey Jones, CSHA member services & conference coordinator