Why Should I Join the
California Speech-Language-Hearing Association?


Every Member Counts

It is important for us to have a strong voice in Sacramento to ensure that the services we provide continue to be supported.  Equity issues with other professionals in the same work setting, as well as workload issues need to be addressed, and we can do this best if we have a majority membership.

When CSHA’s lobbyist represents professional interests before the state legislature, make sure that you are included in CSHA’s Voice.  The strength of CSHA depends on the strength and depth of our membership. Every member counts!

CSHA Membership Offers You…

  • Representation by a lobbyist before the state legislature on health and education issues affecting our professions.  
  • Many opportunities each year to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) & Professional Development Hours for State licensure and credential renewals.
  • Discount registration fees at the Annual State convention and other conferences.
  • Access to public awareness materials for use in presentations, display and other marketing activities.
  • A dynamic Web site (www.csha.org) with sections for members, students and consumers.  These are updated frequently for our changing professions.
  • A quarterly Magazine-style journal. Each issue focuses on a theme or “hot topic” as well as providing professional activities and information needed by speech-language pathologists and audiologist.
  • A committee structure that monitors virtually every aspect of the professions and offers numerous opportunities for participation.
  • A forum to network with peers to share ideas and to help manage change.
  • An online membership directory listing. Member specialties and other resources.
  • Liaison with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Liaison with the State Licensing Board.

Membership is cost effective

Invest in your professional development for only 23 cents a day! CSHA membership dues have not changed in years!  

Join by Mail, Fax or Email

Join by mail, fax (916) 921-0127, or email (Stacey@csha.org). If joining by email, download the 2001-2002 membership application form from CSHA’s Web site (www.csha.org) and attach it to your email message.

Contact the CSHA Administrative Office

(916) 921-1568 or CSHA’s president Lisa O’Connor at  lisa_oconnor37@hotmail.com with any comments, suggestions or questions.